Critical speaker parameters

Like any device, speakers have many parameters. We have selected the easiest to understand, but no less important for high-quality audio reproduction. 


This parameter has two meanings. The first value is the volume of the speaker cabinet. The larger it is, the higher the requirements for its placement. Also, large speakers are difficult to carry. For a 10 m² room, it is better to use 4-5 inch speakers. And you can also pay attention to Bluetooth speakers.

The second value is the speaker size. It directly affects the quality of the sound. Typically, 4-5” speakers are used for home use.


It is not a surprise that the more power, the louder the sound. If you need really loud speakers, then you should pay special attention to this parameter. It is generally accepted that the power of 30-60 W is an average indicator, and 60+ W is considered high.


If you are looking for portable speakers, pay special attention to endurance. Often the battery life of some Bluetooth speakers is not long enough. There are models with batteries and combined models that operate on both batteries and mains. Battery life can vary from 3 to 10 hours.


A question often arises: which channel is better to use, channel 2.0 or channel 2.1?

If you want to purchase speakers for gaming, movies, or making some music, we recommend choosing the 2.1 channel. The overall low-frequency band will give a sense of presence, but the price will be slightly higher.

And if you only want to listen to music, then a 2.0-based model would be the best option, well-balanced and durable.

Active Vs. Passive

As a rule, active speakers have a built-in amplifier, and passive ones do not. Furthermore, the active speaker, in addition to the cable for the signal supply, also requires external power. And passive ones, as a rule, may be just connected to an external device of the appropriate purpose, if necessary.