About us

Sky Sound is a brand founded in 2010. The company is engaged in the production of background notification systems and music broadcasting. For over 10 years we have been developing and supplying audio equipment for customers from all over the world. Our head office is located in Seoul (Southern Korea), and production infrastructure is in Hangzhou (China).

Sky Sound's mission is to provide customers with incredible sound, loud notifications combined with modern design and reasonable prices. We are developing together with our clients, taking into account all the feedback and recommendations.

Overall prosperity

We strive to establish good business relationships with clients. Cooperation on an equal footing and responsibility to each customer are the main principles of our work.

Constant progress

Within the company, we test innovations and analyze the ideas of our employees. Daily brainstorming helps us to develop and come up with unique technologies in the audio market.

Successful clients

Our products inspire and unleash the talents of the customer’s voice sounding. We show the new possibilities of music through our audio equipment. Clients are developing with us, revealing their abilities to the full extent.

Coordinated team

Common work is one of the main indicators of success. Product developers consult call center managers to help customers choose audio goods. It is important to establish communication between departments.

Future goals

Expand the boundaries of our audio products - increase the demand in the international and national market.

Optimize company operations - improve the quality of public broadcasting products, speed up customer service.

Implement audio innovations - to release more new products and improved audio systems.

We believe that an audio product market company requires serious self-criticism and endless curiosity. The team of the brand analyzes competitors, figuring out their advertising failures or the reasons for a decreased demand for their products. Therefore, comparing with our results. We follow the release of new products and check the news in the world of technology every day.

We are looking forward to honest cooperation and new feedback on our sound equipment!